Bora Celik

 Founded in 1976, Bora Celik is a bespoke designer, manufacturer and supplier of showroom display panels, situated in Eskisehir, Turkey.

Our main product lines consist of, but are not limited to, Ceramic display cabinets, Display panels, Door displays, Tile display stands, along with Tile, Stone, Marble and Mosaic displays.

We also design and manufacture commercial areas and showrooms that cater to the ceramics and bathroom industries.

Our strength comes from our custom design and unique production capabilities, ensuring that both our production and supply organisations are flexible enough to manufacture and deliver any volumes.

In short, we can and will deliver any amount of product within the timescale required, without any order restrictions, with branding and packing being decided by our clients.

Our highly skilled design team will ensure that all aspects of quality, dimensions and general design build meet your expectations, whilst providing a tailored and cost effective solution to your needs, when productivity is essential.

Bora Celik is here for you, as a trustworthy supplier when you require comprehension, communication, research and service.

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