Production & Quality

Our Values are

We have an ISO 9000-2001 certificate.

- Prioritization of safety, quality, and environment in; our all actions.

- To make our personnel internalize and practice the philosophy of constant improvement.

- To carry on relationships with our personnel and business partners based on honesty and standing trust.

- To prioritise cost reduction in our all processes.

- To complete a task in one go, on desired time and without any inaccuracy.

- To give weight to teamwork for the effective partici- pation of our employees.

- To upgrate our personnel to the level of specializa- tion by providing trainings enhancing their knowl- edge and skill.

- To follow the developments about our sector and become the leader of innovations and implementa- tions.

- To be a solution partner by getting involved in our customers’ design studies.

- To be respectful to humanity and society.

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